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[GreenYes] Fairfax, CA (Marin County) Passed Zero Waste Resolution on 3-7-07

Apologies for Cross-Postings

>From: "Bruce Baum" <b-baum@no.address>
>Subject: Fairfax Passes ZW resolution
>Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 10:00:09 -0800
>Some positive news from Fairfax??..Last night at
>the town council Fairfax became the first Marin
>town to adopt a Zero Waste by 2020 Resolution
>(attached): Mayor Larry Bragman introduced the
>resolution for approval. Vote was 4-1
>For more information I can be reached at 707-459-5859
>Bruce Baum
>ZW Citizens Advisory Committee
>Some quick points on ZW that were made last evening:
>Zero Waste is a philosophy and a design
>principle for the 21st Century. It includes
>'recycling' but goes beyond recycling by taking
>a 'whole system' approach to the vast flow of
>resources and waste through human society.
>Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste,
>reduces consumption and ensures that products
>are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back
>into nature or the
>marketplace. <>
>· In 2002 CIWMB adopted a goal of Zero
>Waste as one of it?s guiding principles
>· Cities and counties around the state
>have adopted ZW resolutions including model
>programs in SF & Palo Alto Most municipalities
>in the Bay Area have also adopted ZW resolutions
>and strategies. (Oakland recently passed theirs). None in Marin!
> * November, 2006 Marin County?s Solid waste
> JPA passed a ZW resolution with a 2020 goal
> that Fairfax, a JPA member, agreed to.
> * ?Zero Waste, The Complement to
> Sustainability for Fairfax?, was approved by
> the Planning Commission March 2006.
> * Fairfax took leadership over 10 years ago
> --- when Fairfax adopted the first retail food
> polystyrene take out regulations in Marin.
> * Recycling was last century?s solution to
> garbage while Marin?s numbers may be
> impressive, they are very misleading, Recycling
> is not the solution to our long term problems.
> * ZW is about looking at the other end of
> the pipe from recycling. Simply put source
> reduction, including producer responsibility,
> reuse, recycling, and composting.
> * Fairfax, took the leadership role in Marin
> County as first municipality in Marin to adopt a ZW resolution. --

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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