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[GreenYes] Apply to join Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee by 4/30/07

Apologies for Cross-Postings

>Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 11:09:26 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Timothy Logan <timothyjwlogan@no.address>
>Please consider applying for a position on the Sierra Club's
>National Zero Waste Committee. The Sierra Club is incorporated both
>as as 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) under the IRS's tax codes and may
>operate under the confines of both designations accordingly. All
>applicants for positions on the Committee must be current members of
>the Sierra Club - you may join or renew your membership by going to:
>For more information and details please read the information
>below. Thank you for your consideration.
>Timothy J.W. Logan
>Chair, Sierra Club-NYC Group
>Member, Sierra Club-National Zero Waste Committee
>718-208-8864 cell
>The Sierra Club's Environmental Quality Strategy Team (EQST) is seeking
>members for the National Zero Waste Committee. The mission of the Zero
>Waste Committee is to promote Zero Waste as a design principle for the 21st
>century, and Producer Responsibility Recycling is the means for achieving a
>deep transformation of wasteful production and consumption. We aim to lead
>the transition from traditional end-of-pipe waste "diversion" programs
>provided by local governments to "cradle to cradle" recycling systems
>designed, financed, and managed by producers, in order to drive
>improvements in product design, stimulate local economies and reduce
>climate change impacts of transportation and energy-intensive product
>chains. Phasing out landfilling and incinerating discarded resources is
>prerequisite to Zero Waste; hence the committee also coordinates Club work
>on waste disposal issues.
>The Sierra Club's Zero Waste Committee will provide volunteer oversight,
>coordination and action on waste-related issues, with a focus on Zero Waste
>and Producer Responsibility-based Recycling.
>The Sierra Club is opposed to wasting, we encourage the recovery of
>valuable commodities used in products and packaging at the end of their
>useful lives and encourage sustainable design, production and packaging of
>consumer products and services so as to decrease impacts upon the planet.
>Service on the Zero Waste Committee requires a genuine commitment of time
>and energy.
>Applicants must clearly demonstrate their willingness to commit the time
>and energy necessary to help the Committee carry out its responsibilities.
>We are only accepting self-nominations, so please pass this announcement on
>to others who may have an interest.
>The EQST is one of four Strategy Teams that report to the Club's
>Conservation Governance Committee, which is directly responsible to the
>Board of Directors for all of the Club's issues work. Appointed by the
>Conservation Governance Committee, the EQST is responsible for the Club's
>pollution-related issues work. They help to shape Club policies and
>positions, recruit and apply necessary expertise, assist grassroots
>activists, and focus Club resources where they can produce the best
>To carry out its responsibilities, the EQST provides oversight for seven
>additional committees, Air Quality, Corporate Accountability, Environmental
>Justice, Toxics, Radiation, Water and Livable Communities Committees.
>The EQST seeks to achieve cultural, ethnic, gender, age and geographic
>diversity in making appointments. Applicants must be current Sierra Club
>members. Ability and willingness to use electronic mail and to participate
>in conference calls are required. An ability to travel occasionally to
>meetings or conferences is helpful. In evaluating applications, the EQST
>strives to build closer connections with grassroots leadership (which means
>that current or recent-past Chapter or Group leadership is a plus), to
>expand the Club's influence (which means a demonstrated ability to
>communicate with and motivate people external to Sierra Club is a plus)
>Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) members are not eligible to apply to this
>announcement. For information on how SCC members can be appointed as
>liaisons or members to EQST and its subentities, please contact
>Appointments to the Zero Waste Committee will be made by the EQST, based on
>applications and phone interviews with prospective candidates.
>After deleting the rest of this announcement, please email the application
>below by April 30, 2007, to the search team chair, Roger Diedrich;
>rdiedrich@no.address Other members of the search committee are Ann Harris,
>apickel@no.address and Bill Sheehan, bill.sheehan@no.address
>The subject line of your message must be "Zero Waste Application: [insert
>your last name]
>1. Name:
>2. Membership # (required):
>3. Contact information (address, phone(s), email, & best times to reach
>4. Sierra Club activities and leadership positions held:
>5. Environmental work (community, state, national, and/or international
>6. Statement reflecting interest in and experience with Waste issues:
>7. Three references; your Chapter/Group Chair or other Chapter leader must
>be included as one of the three.
>Thank you for your interest in the Zero Waste Committee.
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Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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