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[GreenYes] [ZERI-US] worldchanging article on zero-waste

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Note: ZWIA is mentioned in World Changing article on Zero Waste on 3-20-07

Pay As You Throw: More Interest in Zero-Waste Efforts

<>Sarah Rich
March 20, 2007 2:05 PM

We talk more and more often these days about the
potential danger of half-steps toward sustainable
practices. Now that the idea of being greener has
infiltrated most corners of the business world,
we're at a critical point where thinking only
part of the way to a true solution means settling
for something that may never get us all the way there.

What are some of the all-the-way solutions we're
talking about? You could call them "The Zero's"
The only way to surpass total elimination of the
harmful byproducts of our lives is to create ways
up our own waste and
the damage. But acknowledging that there are
enormous hurdles between halting our current
momentum, and getting the pendulum to swing the
other way, going for zero is probably the best
combination of a solution that is both
high-impact and quickly-attainable for the
average individual, city or business.

Magazine recently ran an article about the smart
business move that is zero-waste, and the "total
makeover of the global economy" that will be
required in order to obliterate the concept of
throwing things away. In a garbageless economy,
functions like a biological system in which one
manufacturer's byproducts are another's fuel (or
even the fuel for the same process) -- what Bill
McDonough and Michael Braungart describe as
"waste=food." And the advent of such a
neobiological system may amount to "The Next Industrial Revolution."

For more, go to:

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>there are more articles there, but this is full of good links
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