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[GreenYes] Re: Anyone know what the "waste" part of this "gold st andard" legislation is?

The bill is for a cap and trade system that would have many of the
details of how it impacts waste worked out further down the road. One
point of interest is the Climate Reinvestment Fund. In general, with
a cap system there are two general ways of distributing emission
allowances: they can either be given away to industry for free based
on historic emissions levels (grandfathering); or you can make
industry purchase them through an auction. Or you can have a hybrid
of the two. If emission allowances are auctioned, a pool of revenue
is generated that then can be directed for specific purposes. One
idea might be to fight for some of this revenue to be directed
nationally towards supporting recycling and other zero waste
strategies. This bill does not specify what percentage (if any) of
allowances would be auctioned. In section "e" it does offer criteria
for how revenue generated from the auctioning of permits should be
used. Recycling would perhaps best fit under item (4) encouraging
research, development, and commercial deployment of innovative
technologies for avoiding, reducing, or sequestering greenhouse gas
emissions. Unfortunately, the bill calls for the President to oversee
the Climate Reinvestment Fund.
Dave Ciplet

On Mar 22, 12:11 pm, "McLaughlin, Anne"
<amclaugh...@no.address> wrote:
> Here's a link to info on the bill.|/bss/d110qu
> ery.html
> <|/bss/d110q
> uery.html> |
> if that link doesn't work, go to
> <> , search for legis by henry waxman, then search
> for "climate" within those results. It's HR 1590.
> Anne McLaughlin, Portland OR
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> From: Eric Lombardi [mailto:e...@no.address]
> Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 10:18 AM
> To: 'GreenYes'
> Subject: [GreenYes] Anyone know what the "waste" part of this "gold
> standard" legislation is?
> Hi all,
> Anyone out there have access to this legislation and what it says about the
> waste industry?
> Eric
> <>
> _____
> Waxman introduces climate change bill
> March 21 -- Rep. Henry A. Waxman, D-Calif., has introduced legislation to
> reduce greenhouse gas emissions that has won the endorsement of several
> environmental groups.
> Waxman´s Safe Climate Act of 2007 adopts the most aggressive targets among
> climate change proposals under consideration in Congress.
> "The Waxman bill is the standard by which other Congressional proposals
> should be judged," said Philip Clapp, president of the National
> Environmental Trust. "It sets the emissions reduction targets scientists are
> virtually unanimous in saying the U.S. and the world must meet to avoid the
> most devastating consequences of global warming."
> Betsy Loyless, senior vice president of the National Audubon Society, called
> Waxman´s bill "the gold standard that will define the debate in Congress."
> The Safe Climate Act sets targets arrived at by scientists to protect
> against temperatures increasing by more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, Waxman
> said. The legislation freezes the level of emissions in 2010, and gradually
> reduces them by 2 percent each year through 2020. It would then reduce
> emissions by another 5 percent annually through 2050.
> "My legislation reflects what the science says we need to do to prevent dire
> changes to the climate system, and there is a growing consensus in the
> states and among American workers, industry leaders, small businesses,
> religious groups, and others that these levels are what we need to achieve,"
> Waxman said.
> The Safe Climate Act would achieve the targets through a flexible
> economywide cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas emissions, along with
> measures to advance technology and reduce emissions through renewable
> energy, energy efficiency and cleaner cars, Waxman said.
> Entire contents copyright 2007 by Crain Communications Inc. All rights
> reserved.
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> Eric Lombardi
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> Eco-Cycle Inc
> Boulder, CO. USA
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