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[GreenYes] Re: Recyclable Plastic Cups

Hi Craig,
Not in this area yet and maybe not in yours...but compostables collection
(yard waste, food waste, biodegradables, paper/etc) is becoming more popular
these days. Your best bet that I know of are compostable PLA cups
&subcategoryID=41 or compostable paper cups which are PLA or waxed (NOT
plastic) coated. We will carry these soon.


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York, PA 17403
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Subject: [GreenYes] Recyclable Plastic Cups

In our central Idaho community, we recycle on #1 and #2 plastic bottles only
(no tubs or cups). Yet we also have a lot of special events where plastic
cups are used but cannot be recycled.

I understand the cups are not accepted in these plastic bottle recycling
streams because of their manufacturing process (ie injection molding).

Does anyone know of a plastic beverage cup (beer and/or wine) that is
manufactured in a manner that can be accepted in this plastic bottle
recycling stream?

TIA for your help,

Craig Barry

Executive Director

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<> Environmental Resource Center

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