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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Manufacturing Using Waste Paper - EcoCover


I am new to the group, thanks for having me.

You might be interested to learn about a project I am working on, the
manufacturing process to turn up to 87-percent waste paper into
organically certified 100% biodegradable paper mulch mats that replace
unsustainable plastic film and woven plastic products. The product is
EcoCover, invented in New Zealand, patented in 21 countries including
the USA and Canada.

The replacement market for plastic film, etc. is presently about 30
million square acres per year. Plastic ag mulch waste is a disposal
problem almost everywhere. Plastic resins are made from natural gas
and petroleum feedstocks and are not long term economically or
environmentally sustainable.

EcoCover is a glocal idea, distributed manufacting providing local
investment, local employment, local comsumption of waste paper
resources to provide local products that, based upon independently
conducted university research, have significant benefits for
agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and erosion control.

EcoCover de-cycles waste paper into soil humus following William
McDonnough's idea of cradle to cradle processes that are open loop and
beneficial to the environment.

Learn more at, and in New Zealand.

Ron Castle

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