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[GreenYes] What is ârecyclingâ?

What is ?recycling??
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Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne,IN,USA

Posted on Tue, Jan. 16, 2007

What is ?recycling??
Giving an issue facing many communities some careful consideration is rarely
bad. But proposed legislation to review and potentially revise state
environmental rulemaking policies has raised some concerns among environmental
advocates ? and for good reason.

They?re worried that the study will lead to a new definition of recycling in
Indiana that could include incineration as an approved recycling method.
Adding incineration to the definition of recycling could encourage companies to
incinerate waste rather than recycle. The change could hurt recycling
programs by shifting grant money to incineration programs and away from traditional

?Eons ago they set some recycling goals. But nobody has gone back to see if
those goals are reasonable, are right and are being met. That?s the purpose
behind the legislation,? said Sandra Flum, the director of intergovernmental
affairs for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. She said
Senate Bill 154 is about studying recycling issues in Indiana.

Melissa Kriegerfox, the recycling and reuse director of the Monroe County
Solid Waste Management District and president of the Indiana Recycling
Coalition, said the recycling coalition supports the legislation. But the coalition
has serious concerns about one sentence near the end of the proposed bill that
includes investigating the addition of ?waste to energy? in the definition
of recycling. She thinks that sentence could redefine Indiana?s recycling
policy, harm traditional curbside recycling programs and allow polluting
companies to garner recycling credits for choosing to incinerate their refuse rather
than recycling. She says this could encourage companies from other states to
bring their waste to Indiana for cheap disposal.

?For Indiana to even consider including waste incineration in the definition
upsets the recycling hierarchy and could really hurt the perception of
recycling,? Kriegerfox said. She said recycling is very clearly defined by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and there is not a need for the state to
redefine it.

The legislation is supposed to go to Energy and Environmental Affairs
committee today. Kriegerfox said she spoke with Sen. Beverly Gard, the sponsor of
the legislation, and asked her to change the language in the bill.

Gard, who has a reputation for being an environmental steward, appears
willing to listen to the recycling coalition?s concerns.

IDEM should study recycling in Indiana and determine whether the state?s
recycling programs are working. But there is not a need to redefine recycling,
especially if it opens the door for incineration under the guise of a waste to
energy program.

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