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[GreenYes] Re: What do make of the ICMM Declaration?


I thank John for the link, I hadn't read it. It seems to me to be
intelligently written, and I respect the metal industry. However, I
would not call it an LCA approach. As I read it, the only conclusion
is "increase the supply of recyclables, and don't ask us about recycled
content". This is a win-win for a metal company - give us more supply
at the recycling end, and then let us negotiate the mining prices
unfettered. This is to LCA what the following would be to nutrion
analysis - "Our burger joints already sell organic salad, which is good
for you, and support policies to get lettuce more cheaply. But don't
badmouth our burgers."

Between the lines, I read "If we can all agree that recycling is good,
why should we need to talk about extraction laws (e.g. the General
Mining Act of 1872)?" I don't blame them, they'd be irresponsible to
issue a policy which is contrary to the financial interest of
investors. But make no mistake, a PREFERENCE for the recycled content
creates a price advantage for the recycling suppliers - the people they
are buying from.


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