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[GreenYes] New book about communicating climate change

I wanted to alert you to a new book called Creating a Climate for Change:
Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change. As a
disclaimer, my friend, Susi Moser, is one of the editors. Susi is a research
scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Amazon is
listing it as $125! I can¹t believe this is true, so check your bookstore
and see what they say!

Please feel free to forward this widely. I have been hearing about the birth
and development of this book for two years, and it sounds like there is a
lot of new information here, and that it is essential for anyone working on
social change around environmental issues. From Amazon:

Book Description
The need for effective communication, public outreach, and education to
increase support for policy, collective action and behavior change is ever
present, and is perhaps most pressing in the context of anthropogenic climate
change. This book is the first to take a comprehensive look at communication
and social change specifically targeted to climate change. It is a unique
collection of ideas examining the challenges associated with communicating
climate change in order to facilitate societal response. It offers
well-founded, practical suggestions on how to communicate climate change and
how to approach related social change more effectively. The contributors of
this book come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from government and
academia to non-governmental and civic sectors of society. The book is
accessibly written, and any specialized terminology is explained. It will be
of great interest to academic researchers and professionals in climate change,
environmental policy, science communication, psychology, sociology, and

About the Author
Susanne Moser is a Research Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric
Research's (NCAR) Institute for the Study of Society and Environment, Boulder,
Colorado. She is an Aldo Leopold Leadership Program fellow and an associate of
the International Human Dimensions Program (IHDP) Core Project on Global
Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS). Lisa Dilling is a Visiting
Fellow at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research of the
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES),
University of Colorado at Boulder. She has been awarded a Visiting Fellowship
by CIRES, a John A. Knauss National Sea Grant Fellowship, and a National
Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

Amy Perlmutter
Perlmutter Associates
23 Avon Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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