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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Alliance UK - Burning waste makes for more waste - so tax it

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>From: "Ralph & Val Barton" <trinibarton@no.address>
>Subject: Press Release-Zero Waste
>Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 10:55:10 -0000
>Zero Waste Alliance UK
>Burning waste makes for more waste - so tax it.
>Communities and waste recyclers from across the UK have come together as
>The Zero Waste Alliance in support of a consultative declaration sent to the
>Secretary of State, David Miliband pointing the way forward to
>revolutionising the UK's attitudes to waste:
> * Switch Subsidies to Food waste Collection & Composting
> * Set Recycling Targets to 75%
> * Extend Producer Responsibility
> * Give Carbon Credits to Recycling & Composting
> * Recognise Incineration as Disposal
>all & more proposals to stop the dash to burn
>waste that creates climate changing greenhouse
>gases (Heat and Power from Waste produces
>thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases, toxic gases and toxic ash.)
>The Declaration "UK Waste Policy - A Bridge Half
>Built" is prepared by the educational charity
>company, Zero Waste Alliance UK in consultation
>with many others. It recognises advances made
>since the report "Waste not Want not" by the
>Government's Strategy Unit on Waste in 2002 for
>instance by the increase in landfill taxes, but argues that much more needs
>to be done to make the large scale disposal of
>waste unattractive in favour of not creating
>waste[1] and encouraging the production of
>products that can be safely re-used, recycled or composted.
>Chairman of Zero Waste Alliance UK, Ralph Ryder,
>says "We need radical decisions in government
>to turn the UK from a throw away society to one
>that conserves the world's resources and reduces
>greenhouse gases. Burning waste even with some
>heat and energy produced solves nothing. It
>produces greenhouse gases. It encourages the
>production of waste needed to feed the
>incinerator. It produces toxins to air & land. It wastes valuable
>resources & energy.
>A Zero Waste policy says we need to reduce waste
>and what is produced should be able to be safely
>re-used, recycled or composted. Once
>manufacturers no longer have a disposal route
>to hide behind they will have to produce safe
>products. But Government must set the scene to enable these things to happen"
>The proposals in the Declaration include
>recommending the setting of long term recycling
>and composting targets of 75% by 2015, pressing
>for the introduction of the Biowaste Directive
>and its requirement for kerbside kitchen waste
>collections, switching government subsidies from
>PFI schemes to the start up costs of food waste
>collection and composting, extending carbon
>credits to recycling and composting, extending
>Producer Responsibility legislation, research
>into health effects of pollution and an incinerator tax.
>The recommendations in full are as follows: -
>1. Set long term recycling and composting
>targets of 75% for all local authorities by
>2015, (and a minimum of 60% for each individual
>local authority) along with waste minimisation
>targets, to prevent their crowding out by local
>and regional long term disposal contracts.
>2. Press the EU to introduce the Biowaste
>Directive, and its requirement for kerbside
>kitchen waste collections in all cities, towns
>and villages with over 1,500 population.
>3. Switch the government subsidy of PFI
>schemes to the start up costs of food waste
>collection and composting, as part of the
>Treasury's forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.
>4. Extend the grant of carbon credits to
>recycling and composting to reflect their impact
>on the reduction of CO2 emissions generated by
>the production of virgin materials.
>5. Extend Producer Responsibility
>Legislation to cover all materials in the
>household waste stream, and raise the targets
>for recycling of plastic packaging, glass and
>metals under existing legislation to those set
>by the leading countries in Europe.
>6. Recognise incineration as disposal not
>recovery, in line with the EU Waste Framework
>Directive and rulings of the European Court of Justice.
>7. Fund a major research programme to
>identify the hazards of nano particles,
>particulate aerosols, and brominated flame
>retardants that arise from the burning of mixed waste.
>8. Introduce an incineration tax of at least £12 per tonne.
>9. Charge incinerator bottom ash at the
>full level of landfill tax (rather than the £2 a
>tonne which it currently enjoys by virtue of its
>unwarranted classification as inert waste) and
>reduce the landfill tax to £6 a tonne for
>bio-degradable waste, stabilised to the levels
>set out in the 2nd draft of the Biowaste Directive.
>10. Require compulsory insurance against future
>pollution and health claims for all disposal and recovery facilities.
>Our Declaration concludes
>"What is required is return to the boldness of
>the Strategy Unit's policy, and a shift of
>finance and incentives towards composting and
>recycling. Climate Change policy calls for it.
>The Government should respect the evidence, free
>itself from the disposal centred waste industry,
>and complete the work that was left half
>finished after the Strategy Unit's Review"
> See Contact details below
>Val Barton, Director, Zero Waste Alliance UK Tel/Fax: 01434 345 456
>Email: val@no.address Website:
>Or Worku Lakew, CEO, Tower Hamlets Community Recycling Consortium (THCRC)
>and is a Director of the National Community
>Recycling Network (CRN). Providing recycling
>services to 80.000 Residents in blocks of flats
>Worku has a background in economic development
>and social change as well as urban regeneration
>and sustainability. THCRC has invented the
>permanent combination of Outreach work and
>doorstep recycling and is a strong practitioner
>of local loop processing working in such areas
>as glass processing and composting.
>Or call Rob Hill Chairman of Northlands
>Park Residents' Association. A community of
>10,000 people living a quarter of a mile from a
>proposed 650,000 tonne RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel
>now sometimes called Solid Recovered Fuel. SRF)
>manufacturing plant, which has clauses in the
>waste local plan that could see this yet feed an incinerator.
>December 2006
>Zero Waste Alliance UK is a company registered
>by guarantee in England & Wales, number 4452297,
><> Registered
>Office: 57 Tosson Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 5LY
>[1] Municipal waste generated in England fell by
>3% 2005/6. Recycling levels have risen to 27%

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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