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[GreenYes] AmeriCorps Recycling Coord Job

The Environmental Resource Center is looking for an energetic person to
serve as a AmeriCorps member in assisting the ERC with furthering its
waste reduction and recycling efforts in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Should you know of someone who might be interested, please forward this
job description to them.


Craig Barry

Executive Director


Environmental Resource Center <>

471 North Washington Ave

PO Box 819, Ketchum, Idaho 83340

208.726.4333 w 208.726.1531 f

208.720.5661 m

* Connecting People to Nature through Education *

Recycling Coordinator Position

Interested in environmental education, recycling and living in one of
the most breath-takingly beautiful areas in the country? If so, here
are some great opportunities you can't pass up!

The Environmental Resource Center is looking for an energetic and
creative person to start in January and serve the community as the next
AmeriCorps member. The Recycling Coordinator offers an opportunity for
a motivated individual to help further develop programs that encourage
recycling in the Wood River Valley. Right now the ERC is working on a
major project that will afford this position and unique opportunity to
gain valuable, first-hand experience.

Programs include youth activities, service-learning projects, recycling
outreach, working with volunteers and awareness campaigns. Benefits:
monthly living allowance ($990/month) during the 11-month service, an
education award ($4725), loan forbearance, professional training,
insurance, and childcare. Housing assistance is also available. This is
a great opportunity to sharpen skills, work with the Valley's leading
environmental education nonprofit, live in one of the most beautiful
areas of the country and become a part of a wonderful community.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to craig@no.address ASAP
or no later than December 15, 2006. For more complete information,
please visit <> .

Recycling Outreach Coordinator

This full time position offers an opportunity for a motivated individual
to help further develop programs and presentations that encourage
recycling in the Wood River Valley. Programs and presentations are
targeted towards the local youth at schools and after-school activities,
the general public at outdoor events, and businesses and governmental
sectors throughout the valley.

General Responsibilities:

This member will work with the ERC's Executive Director and Program
Coordinator to carry out further waste reduction and recycling efforts,
including but not limited to :

* America Recycles Day (November 15);

* Earth Day recycling and "buy recycled" awareness;

* Expand the local sustainable business form named the Circle of
Environmental Excellence and Leadership (CEEL);

* Raise awareness about household hazardous waste;

* Expand recycling within the Hispanic communities;

* Help coordinate the recycling efforts at special events in the
summer, including the ERC's waste-free events;

* Increase community volunteers in local recycling efforts;

* Develop waste reduction and recycling outreach materials
(e.g., printed materials, website, etc.);

* Expand multifamily dwelling recycling;

* Expands participation in the area's local material exchange
( <> );

General Qualifications

* Enjoy and have experience in working with a variety of people
and youths of all ages (pre- to high school);

* Possess an understanding of environmental and recycling

* Show an ability to conduct service learning-projects;

* Be able to work independently and as part of an overall staff

* Be comfortable working with the public, educators, program
leaders and other community groups;

* Show an ability to develop and implement environmental

* Be organized and able to speak and write effectively;

* Possess a valid drivers license;

* Be reliable, enthusiastic and personable in nature;

* Possess a strong willingness to challenge oneself and
contribute to the spirit of community volunteerism.

Requirements for either position

* 18 years of age or older, by completion of the program

* U.S. citizen, national or lawful permanent resident.

* Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent, or commit
to earning one prior to receiving an education award.

* Ability to commit to the full term of service for which they
are applying.

* Desire to serve with people to promote education,
environmental stewardship and an ethic of service.

* Communicate and interact in a positive, professional manner
with various populations such as: project partner(s), colleagues,
community volunteers, students and the general public.

* Serve effectively within a team

* Attend and travel to meetings in various parts of the region.

* Submit to a criminal history background check.

* Regular and reliable attendance.

* Personal Vehicle

* Able to work outdoors in inclement weather at extreme

* Able to lift 30 lbs

* Ability to work in rough and woody terrain

* Public speaking, potentially

Full-time Member (1700/hr; 11 months) Benefits Include:

* A taxable living allowance of up to $10,900.

* Upon successful completion of a full term of service, eligible
members receive an education award of $4725. The education award can be
used to repay qualified student loans, for further education in an
accredited institution of higher learning, vocational, or for trade
schools. The education award is taxed in the year that it is used.

* Loan forbearance (after successful completion of a term of
service, AmeriCorps will pay the accrued interest on qualified loans,
which is taxable).

* Basic medical insurance (covers members only, not dependants;
vision and dental not included).

* Childcare allowance for those who qualify.

* Housing assistance is available.

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