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[GreenYes] unbelievable... a Monday morning zinger

This could be a headline out of the Onion.

"Methane Inside Wal-Mart Built Upon Landfill - Source of Methane Unknown"

This little blurb below is from the Chartwell's Waste Industry News Weekly
Update - Dec. 8, 2006 . Would you pay for this newsletter?




A Wal-Mart store built atop a landfill in Garfield Heights, Ohio has shut
down because of a methane gas leak. Employees at the store had reported a
bad smell and evacuated customers on Tuesday, Dec. 5. Wal-Mart officials are
not certain when the store will reopen, although fire officials say the
methane fumes are not concentrated enough to be dangerous. Wal-Mart and the
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency have said the source of the methane has
not yet been identified.

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