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[GreenYes] sign on & stop the bioplastic BOTTLE until solutions found

Greetings GreenYessers,

A new web page has been created to (1) educate everyone about why all
bioplastic BOTTLES are a problem for recyclers; and (2) ask you to sign on
to the campaign calling for a Moratorium by NatureWorks on their push to
introduce "PLA Bottles" into the marketplace. The PLA website is at Press the red button at the top of the
page. It includes factual information about how PLA in bottles could
adversely affect recycling programs today, and an on-line sign up form for
others to joint the Petition that the Project and seven other groups
previously sent to Natureworks for a moratorium on any more bottles.

I've copied a draft press release below for anyone to send to their local
networks and media outlets.

Many of us have worked in good faith on this issue for almost two years, but
progress on the industry side has not been forthcoming, thus we take this
action to try to pre-empt a flood of bottles that will contaminate the PET
recycling systems of America, and hurt the economics of recycling for most
of us.

Eric Lombardi

GRRN President


Recyclers Expand Campaign to Convince NatureWorks for Moratorium on New PLA
Bottles Until After Solutions to Problems Found

For Immediate Release

(MADISON) NatureWorks recently introduced a new bio-based plastic bottle,
called polylactic acid, or PLA, that can substitute for PET bottles for some
uses. Because the two resins are incompatible above trace levels at the end
of the bottles' life, this can create significant problems for recyclers
unless the problem is resolved.

Earlier this month, several recycling organizations called upon
NatureWorks to agree to a moratorium on PLA in bottles until new systems are
developed. The groups warned that, at this time, further expansion of PLA
bottles would severely harm existing recycling programs, especially the
wildly successful recycling of PET.

Today, the Plastics Redesign Project, one of the seven
petitioning groups, expanded its web site to provide other recyclers with
detailed information to become educated about PLA bottles' impact on
recycling, and an on-line sign up form to join the petition to NatureWorks.

The site is, and, along with the
on-line sign on form, it provides answers to the following questions about
PLA when used in bottles:

Questions & answers about PLA bottles

>What are bio-based plastics?

>What end-of-life benefits does NatureWorks claim for PLA?

>Are NatureWorks' composting claims correct?

>What is the recyclers' position on PLA in bottles?

>What are the problems to recycling from PLA in bottles?
. Lower on hierarchy
. Loss of PET revenues to recycling programs
. Major impediments to economically recycling PLA

>Do offers to buy back PLA bottles resolve recyclers' concerns?

>Are NatureWorks other assurances about PLA's trace presence adequate to
protect recycling?
>What is the best outcome to constructively resolve the present controversy?

> Shouldn't these issues be decided by the free market and not by

> How can I help convince NatureWorks to make PLA recyclable before
introducing it in more bottles?

Peter Anderson, the Project's staff director, called on
recyclers to visit the web site and, if concerned, to join the petition.
Anderson said that "NatureWorks is striving to be a socially responsible
company. If those who make recycling happen speak up, I would hope that
NatureWorks will respond constructively. Our strong preference is to work
with and not against the company, if at all possible," he said.

The Plastic Redesign Project is a multi-state coalition of local
and state recycling officials working working wherever possible to find
constructive solutions that strengthen the economics of local plastics
recycling programs. The other petitioning groups are the Container Recycling
Institute, Eco-Cycle, the Ecology Center, Eureka Recycling, the Grassroots
Recycling Network, and the Institute for Local Self Reliance.

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