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[GreenYes] The End of Reason

GreenYes Folks-

I have a new essay posted at called The End of Reason. It
highlights some of the key issues in the war against science and rational
planning that we all have been witnessing of late. The focal point, as
always with me, is global warming, but there are numerous references to many
other key science policy issues as well.

It¹s intended as a good read ? informative but amusing. Hopefully my words
won¹t disappoint you.

Track it down on the front page of GU and watch out for the Indie Music
(turn your volume down low or put on headphones):

David Biddle, Executive Director
Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council
P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118

215-247-3090 (desk)
215-432-8225 (cell)


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