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[GreenYes] Re: Cradle to grave articles in Philly Inquirer

In late July and early August of 1995, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a
series by environmental reporter Mark Jaffe that was an excellent job of
nuts and bolts journalism tracing each major commodity from disposal to

You can find them by going to, then clicking the
Inquirer section, then doing an archives search for ³Mark Jaffe recycling².
You may need to prod the search engine with ³7 days and older.² You will
need to hunt through the list of references, but they¹re all there and
they¹re bunched together.

These articles can only be read in full if you buy them. But they are
wonderful reading and well-worth the money (I have no idea where my
originals are).
David Biddle, Executive Director
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on 9/1/06 3:54 PM, JW Spear, Sr. at jw@no.address wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with studies that have followed one or more recyclable
> material (aluminum cans, office paper, etc.) from the curb to the aggregation,
> facility to the MRF, to the processor that converts the material to an
> appropriate feed stock, to the manufacturer that returns the material to the
> marketplace, to the consumer who purchases the item.
> I am looking for copies or, at a minimum, references.
> Thank you.
> JW.
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