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Dear colleagues

I know that the subject of incinerators is an emotive one at the best of times, but I am looking for some advice. 

I am working as an advisor to the Government of Anguilla (small island in British West Indies) and an international company has made a proposal to provide a small incinerator to dispose of household, industrial and medical waste. 

It appears a cheap option, but they are not proposing to provide any gas emission equipment to clean the flue gases, advising that at the incinerator's high operating temperatures (close to 1,000 C) , all items of concern such as furans, dioxins and heavy metals are completely destroyed.  I am dubious, is this correct ?

Also, they advise that it is acceptable to dispose of the bottom and fly ash within the unlined disposal site, which is adjacent to the coast - again I have my reservations, any advice/information would be gratefully received.

Mike Cowing.


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