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[GreenYes] Re: Good by Green Yes.David I am sending you an AVI to share .

Dear David and Group. Thanks for your support I thought you were better than
the flat earth folks and I was right.

To add to what David has said. ( and you are really good David)

I too have spent some time with the bazarre and wishful thinkers of Plasma,
Syntheic fuels gasification and the like.

My first public statement as a political appointee to lake Co landfill
oversight was I want to eliminate this landfill the C and D landfill and the water
to energy plant. Needless to say I was not a popular guy.

And Lake Co has one of the premier recycles programs in Fla even addressing
E waste and Haz mat. The former Directors were rather advanced.

Where the problem lies with the Recycle program we have discussed and I was
on oversight with was as you all know customer participation and logistics.

Burning even clean wood produces toxic ash and DIOXINS.

Not all waste is MSW some industrial and commerical waste noted in the Fla
Sunshine Energy Plan I sent to a few off net is just there. My 1964 trip to
Delaware was a shock to see the pea green Delaware River next to DuPont where
the Radioactive chemicals are illegally stored..

All of the current systems and wastevmethod including the ones this group
supports fail because of participation and logistical support. And not all
waste can be eliminated even if the politics of waste were overcome unlikely.

However. I saw a system in Lake Co built from WW Granger parts and modified
Miller Electric Welders that did it all and did it cheaply.

If there was a machine the size of a large refrigerator that consumed all of
a home or businees waste even tree branches, garbage, newspapers, plastics
and the like that provided a few kw of electric you can sell for a profit to
the grid ( see Energy Policy Act) that you could lease for the net cost less
than of your current waste fees who would not participate?

I saw this system in BETA and Commerical testing and it works.

Like the first PC the process shows me a possible near future change in the
way the world looks at reuse. Matter or energy cannot be created or
destroyed. David will share with you what I send him.

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