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[GreenYes] Increasing customers for curbside recycling subcription programs.

In my area I'm not aware of promotional activities that private
recyclers use to get new subscribers to residential curbside programs.
They appear to be operating under the assumption that the cost of
acquiring a new customer exceeds the profits that would be generated
over the lifetime of the relationship with that customer. Does anyone
have examples of public private partnerships that involve a public
entity promoting new subscriptions for a private curbside recycling
program? Promotion might include prominent links on the municipal web
site, programs on the public access cable channel, special events,
print, radio and television advertising.

I'm trying to make a ball park estimate of the bottom line (profit)
value of adding a new recycling customer on a existing route. The
scenario is a private single stream(no glass) commercial recycler that
operates its own MRF and charges $1.75 to $2.50 for weekly service. The
current set out rate is 20-30%.

What's a fair estimate of the incremental time it would take to pick up
a bin (non-automated) from an additional customer when the truck is
already picking up from other houses in the same block (typical
suburban lots).

What collection costs might be involved other than labor?

What is a cost range for processing at a single stream MRF? Does the
value of the recyclables exceed the cost of processing at the MRF?
(single stream, no glass)

What is the cost an life expectancy of a recycling bin?

What is the typical customer turn over rate for subscription services?

David Flora
Solid Waste Program Manager
U.S. EPA Region 7
901 N. 5th Street
Kansas City, KS 66101


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