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[GreenYes] Re: rainfall affecting recycling tonnage


If you are talking about the biasing affects of precipitation on weight
measurements for a waste characterization there are a couple of papers
that may be of interest citations for which are listed immediately
below. If your are talking about the affects on participation rates
I've not seen any peer-reviewed literature or research discussing this
topic in any detail.

Sfeir, H., Reinhart, D., McCauley-Bell, P.R., 1999. An evaluation of
municipal solid waste composition bias sources. Journal of the Air and
Waste Management Association 49(9): 1096-1102.

Spendelow, P.H., 2001. Measuring recyclables in the waste stream:
Improvements in waste composition study methodology. 17th International
Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management.

Stone, R., Kahle, R.L., 1972. Water and sewage sludge absorption by
solid waste. Journal of Sanitary Engineering Division, ASCE 98(SA5):


Dunn, Paul (PWks) wrote:

>Has anyone studied or done an in depth analysis to determine if there is a
>correlation between rainfall and recycling tonnages?
>We had always thought there was one, but when we did a cursory, gross data
>(analysis by month) review the correlation was weak for one year and
>basically non-existent for another year.
>Thanks for any information
>--Paul Dunn
>Recycling Coordinator
>City of Omaha

Stephan Pollard, Ph.D.-Environmental Dynamics
555 W. Maple St., Apt. C
Fayetteville, AR 72701

(479) 444-7445
(479) 799-9190 cell

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