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[GreenYes] Re: Is MSW recycling the best policy?That Depends Steven

You are a fellow troublemaker and boat rocker Dr Pollard!

Shame Shame : ) New Ideas, Threats to the status quo and dominant thinking
With peer reviewed studies no less!

In that model that you cite there has been some additional concerns raised
by others of your dark side of recycle persuasion. Let me introduce you to Dr
Ron Ney off net who can amuse you with fate and transport of chemicals in MSW.

Pressing Issue One Greenhouse gases.
Pressing Issue two Tipping point of economic best use of capital and
resources whether it is better to dispose of on site of waste creation like at home
or business or store MSW/debris and cart it off and accumulate it at a
transfer station for economic levels suitable for recycle.

I have on my hard drive a very large AVI video file of an actual 100 lb. per
hour and commercially operational plasma disassociation unit that was built
for disposal of medical waste at a Dr's Office. Sharps and all. Easily
converted to home use. Easily mass produced. Easily powered from home electrical


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