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[GreenYes] Re: Journal of Solid Waste Technology Management recycle of MSW starts here

Not sure how anyone can respond to studies done in 1996 today. Energy
prices, technology and systems changes, growing public awareness of
environmental problems, you name it. We¹re living here in the future. If any
debate needs to be had in this field, it¹s why there isn¹t more funding for
real research and and data gathering and less rhetoric?on all sides!

David Biddle
Greater Philadelphia Commercial Recycling Council

on 9/22/06 7:33 PM, LWheeler45@no.address at LWheeler45@no.address wrote:

> Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management 1996, 23(4), 219-225 (Eng.)
> The author addresses the issue of improving the economics of recycling from
> the curb to a materials recovery facility (MRF). The shortcomings of recycling
> technology are examined and suggestions are made to reduce recyclable
> materials collection costs. They include: adoption of the "wet/dry" system to
> separate organic garbage and inorganic recyclables; design and standardization
> of an automated collection vehicle that can separate light and heavy
> recyclable materials; a single discharge point for the automated collection
> vehicle to the MRF; and conveyor systems to route loads deposited into
> different process trains. The article also discusses the design aspects of
> mechanical integration of the MRF with the automated collection vehicles.
> Public Perception of Strategies for Increasing Participation in Recycling
> Programs
> Nyamwange M.
> The Journal of Environmental Education 1996, 27(4), 19-22 (Eng.)
> The question of how to increase public participation in recycling programs to
> reduce economic and environmental costs of municipal solid waste is addressed.
> A random survey conducted in Jersey City, New Jersey, asked households what
> would induce full participation of the residents in the community. Questions
> included: reasons for not recycling, channels of awareness for recycling
> programs, potential sites for recycling containers, and changes that may
> increase recycling participation. The survey indicated that public information
> campaigns emphasizing the advantages of recycling ranked first among the top
> four changes needed to stimulate participation.
> >

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