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[GreenYes] Re: History Channel -Electronics Recycling

Definitely contact the Computer Take BAck Campaign - campaign manager
Barbara Kyle 415-206-9595 takeback@no.address or Ted Smith, Strategic
Advisor 408-242-6707, tsmith@no.address
Alicia MUST watch the videos from the Basel Action Network (
on the overseas trade in scrap electronics, which continues aforce. She
can contact Jim Puckett there at apex@no.address or Sarah Westervelt at

Alicia, there is a dark side to this story (afterlife of machines) which
will be fascinating for you to explore for the audience.

There are many small companies worldwide and in the US doing art w/
leftover e-scrap.
Giveaways -
My favorite: -really creative Finnish company
doing fun things w/ trash & e-scrap.

Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

Pete Pasterz wrote:

> Any input for this series; especially unsavory/overseas dispositions??
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alicia Cattoni [mailto:aliciacattoni.pmf@no.address]
> Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 12:13 PM
> To: anc1@no.address
> Subject: History Channel
> Alec Cooley:
> Per our conversation, this email is to provide you with information
> about Perpetual Motion Films and our researching needs.
> I am currently researching an episode for the History Channel titled,
> "Electronics." The episode will show what happens to electronics
> after their useful life. Where electronics go for sorting and
> smelting, to refining and reuse.
> Perpetual Motion Films is a television documentary production company
> and has produced over 100 hours of quality programming for A&E,
> Discovery, TLC and the History Channel. Currently, we are producing a
> 13-hour Hi-Definition series for the History Channel entitled: "The
> Secret Lives of Machines." In this series, we follow the after-life of
> some of our greatest achievements in manufacturing, design engineering
> and construction.
> At this moment we are searching for any companies and people who are
> reusing electronics in any innovative and unique ways. Ranging from
> the arts to the mainstream, and anything outside of the ordinary.
> Please call or email me with any information you may have. I look
> forward to speaking with you!
> Sincerely,
> --
> Alicia Cattoni
> Associate Producer
> Perpetual Motion Films
> 5701 Lindero Canyon Road,
> STE #1-202
> Westlake Village, CA 91362
> T: 818-575-9922
> F: 818-575-9944
> E-mail correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the
> North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.
> >

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