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[GreenYes] Re: Biosolids. Fla Plasma Redux DOE Vision 21 prototype?

I am not a reporter! I am a retired Disaster Engineer and my friends are
also engineers and one is an inventors of Low Voltage Plasma Redux processes
that are currently commercially deployed in EU.

Unlike CBS reporters I have actually seen the original and SEALED
independent test data and observed the equipment in application and use about 4 miles
from my home.

And this is the important part. As a commerical processes developer I have
signed the non disclosure paperwork on several types of Plasma processes.

I know what it cost to build and operate and the efficiency of outputs to
power consumption. Low Voltage DC with heat sinks shows unreal efficiency and
commercial potential when efficient heat capture and recycle is utilized.

While the St. Lucie Fla project is exactly like to one I was involved with
investigating and presenting to my County and Fla in 2003 it cost nearly
double to the 2004 model and it is old technology from the 1950s and highly
inefficient 50% or so energy of waste consumed in the processing and very costly
torches with short MTBF.

And each unit is custom hand built very heavy and design does not really
lend itself to mass production like a car or washer or computer.

May I suggest that all of you take a look at the technical information of
Westinghouse Plasma, Startech Plasma and India's and Israel's Plasma programs
to make a technically well informed opinion on Plasma redux of waste.

Also please review the Vision 21 program of USDOE and see how such a plasma
system "Fits" that DOE desired model for Distributed electrical power, waste
disposal, potable WATER and fuels production along with reduction in
Greenhouse gases and toxic waste streams.

And let me close I am not selling anything, news reporting or seeking money,
investment partners, or technical approvals of a commerical and patented
process currently in operation.

This is a discussion group and what I offer is food for thought.

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