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[GreenYes] Job Openings: City of San Jose Environmental Services Department

The Environmental Services Department is recruiting for seven
Assistant/Associate and Environmental Services Specialist positions.
These key positions strategically develop and administer environmental
programs in the Integrated Waste Management (IWM) and the Watershed
Protection (WSP) Divisions.

The full announcement is posted, and applications may be completed
online, at

To see other ESD positions posted, go to

We are recruiting at all three levels in the series. Based on the
selected candidate(s) qualifications, the positions will be filled at
the Assistant, Associate or Environmental Services Specialist level.
Pay ranges from $56,763 at step 1 of the Assistant ESS level (which
requires an appropriate degree and one year of environmental
experience, paid or volunteer) to $88,108 at step 5 of the ESS level.

The series is flexibly-staffed; qualifying promotions from step to step
and level to level are based on experience, responsibilities and
performance, not on competition for a limined number of journey-level

Two of the IWM positions will perform contract and program management
for the Residential, Commercial and Civic solid waste programs by
performing inspections and audits of City facilities and commercial
haulers, monitoring of commercial and multi-family setouts to ensure
adequate service levels, direct outreach, attend community meetings and
assist in implementation of recycling at large events and venues.

The third position supports the Construction & Demolition Diversion
Deposit (CDDD) Program. This position provides general program
oversight and analysis, conducts facility certifications and
inspections, and assists the CDDD refund request process. This position
also provides technical assistance to other jurisdictions and
facilitates discussions and makes presentations on construction and
demolition diversion at various forums.

WSP positions will support either the Urban Runoff (UR) Program or the
Pollution Prevention Program.

Positions in the Urban Runoff Section support the technical and
administrative demands of implementing existing requirements and those
anticipated in the impending regional stormwater permit that will
require more robust efforts to control pollutants. These positions
focus on developing, implementing, and reporting on programs needed to
address upcoming Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for Pollutants of
Concern (POCs)- such as pesticides, mercury, PCBs, and trash.

Positions in the Pollution Prevention Section are responsible for
developing and implementing a comprehensive wastewater pollution
prevention plan for the commercial and industrial sectors. These
positions will develop, implement, manage, and evaluate pollution
prevention programs as well as oversee aspects of reporting required of
Watershed Protection on wastewater programs. They will also oversee
the implementation of any technical support and outreach program needed
for implementing pollution prevention programs.

If you have questions regarding the duties of this position, the
recruitment, selection or hiring processes, please contact Javier Perez
at (408) 975-2568or via email at javier.perez@no.address

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