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[GreenYes] Re: Fwd: URGENT: 2 days left to pass Bottle Bill Reform to Provide $100 million for recycling


I meant to hit "reply all"

Back in '73 when I was working on the bottle bill which got passed in Massachusetts, a friend/colleague said "why not put a deposit on all containers/packaging". At the time I thought he was absurd, but the more I thought about it the more that I recognized that he was right (by right I mean correct not corporate conglomerate empire).

Anyway, thank you Gary and you all for your efforts.


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From: Gary Liss
To: Mike Morin
Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 3:26 PM
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Fwd: URGENT: 2 days left to pass Bottle Bill Reform to Provide $100 million for recycling


This is an existing program in CA focused on beverage containers. There are other programs for other materials.


At 03:25 PM 8/29/2006, you wrote:

Why limit it to beverage containers?

There is a cost associated with disposal and recycling of packaging. Why not deal with it upfront?

Working for peace and cooperation,

Mike Morin

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From: Gary Liss

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Subject: [GreenYes] Fwd: URGENT: 2 days left to pass Bottle Bill Reform to Provide $100 million for recycling

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 17:29:52 -0400 (EDT)

From: Mark Murray < CAW@no.address>

To: gary@no.address

Subject: URGENT: 2 days left to pass Bottle Bill Reform to Provide $100

million for recycling

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I want to thank the literally hundreds of you who responded to our urgent alert two days ago and sent letters of support to your senator for Assembly Bill 3056.

But there are just two days left and we still need help to get this bill passed. If you haven't responded yet, I'm begging you to help us out in the last days of session.

After months of negotiations, the Assembly Natural Resources Committee has unveiled a comprehensive and thoughtful Bottle Bill reform package that will provide consumers, recyclers, processors and end-users with tens of millions of dollars in new, direct financial incentives to increase collection and recycling of used beverage containers. This is the single most important and beneficial recycling measure that the legislature can enact this year. Please:

1) Forward this Action Alert to every recycling program coordinator your know.

2) Send a personal letter of support to your State Senator.

Despite the overall great success of California's Bottle Bill, container recycling rates have stagnated at about 60% for the last few years. This proposal addresses this problem with a package of thoughtful and proven consumer and recycler incentives designed to: increase collection; improve material quality; and stimulate California market demand. We believe that these market-based incentives have the potential to substantially improve recycling rates -- especially for problematic plastic containers. Among the measure's key features:

. Provides the Department of Conservation with the authority to utilize surplus redemption funds to provide both consumers and curbside recycling programs with a boost in refund value during the first six months of 2007. This provision represents the single largest 'bonus payment' to consumers in the 20 year history of the program, and -- if properly promoted by the department -- serve to stimulate consumer recycling and curbside recovery.

. Expands the successful Quality Glass Incentive Program to all materials, which will provide a market-based incentive for the 15 to 20% of containers collected at curbside that are not currently being recycled. This provision will also increase California manufacturers' ability to use collected recyclables.

. Establishes a much needed market development payment program for plastic containers in order to support and expand the development of California-based enterprises for the processing and use of recycled plastic. Today, upwards of 90% of plastic beverage containers collected in California are exported overseas for recycling.

. Provides $5 million in one-time grants to local governments and non-profits to establish and expand beverage container recycling opportunities at multi-family dwellings.

. Increases the department's market development grant authority to $20 million annually (up from the current $10 million).

. Provides $20 million in one-time grants to community conservation corps for beverage container recycling and litter reduction projects at schools, government buildings, bars & restaurants, parks and multi-family dwellings.

All told, AB 3056 provides consumers, recyclers and manufacturers with more than $100 million in additional recycling stimulus in 2007.

AB 3056 is a thoughtful and balanced package that is universally supported by private and non-profit recyclers, local governments, container manufacturers, retailers, beverage producers and environmental groups.

But we need your help to get it through the Senate and to the Governor's desk. To send an e-mail directly to your senator, click here .

Thank you,

Mark Murray

Executive Director

P.S. AB 3056 can increase the state's recycling rate by as much as 20%. Please take action now to send a message to your senator to vote "Yes" on the most important recycling bill of the 2005-06 legislative session.

Gary Liss


Fax: 916-652-0485

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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