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[GreenYes] URGENT - AB2449 - Local rights being taken away for fees, bans on plastic bags

Apologies for Cross-Postings

They have just added language to AB2449 which prohibits any local
county, city, township from imposing any fee, ban, levy, restrictions
on plastic bags.

Please write or call Assemblymember Levine NOW. The Legislative
session ends tomorrow!

(916) 319-2040
(818) 904-3840

If emailing, please cc: CAW at:
murray@no.address (Mark Murray) and
scottsmithline@no.address (Scott Smithline)

and cc: Stephanie Barger at:

>From: "Stephanie Barger" <stephanie.barger@no.address>
>Subject: RE: URGENT - CAPP ADVISORY/ZW - with attachment - Local
>rights being taken away plastic bags
>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:22:23 -0700
>Organization: Earth Resource Foundation
>We just received some disturbing news regarding AB2449 - Plastic Bag
>As I have discussed before, we have been working with Heal the Bay
>and the Jewish Coalition on the Environment to strengthen (give
>teeth) AB2449. It has taken a turn for the worse. They have just
>added language which basically prohibits any local county, city,
>township from imposing any fee, ban, levy, restrictions on plastic bags.
>I spoke at length with Garciela with Assemblyman Levine's office
>this morning. She is right now talking with Levine and will get
>back to me. I told her with this language that we would have to
>withdrawal our support and most likely strongly oppose the bill.
>There is one city already working on a bag fee and this completely
>undermines all of our grassroots movement and of course HILEX is for the bill.
>Why we oppose it:
>1) the opening paragraph suggests that there will be some type of
>recycled content in the plastic bags comparing it to the trash bag
>bill. Yet this is just about collecting bags
>2) most stores already do this and more. This requires plastic
>carryout bags yet most stores collect carryout, dry cleaning,
>produce, newspapers, etc.
>3) there is no requirement for the plastic bags to be made out of
>recycled content
>4) there is no requirement for the store to reduce their plastic
>bag usage as was done in San Francisco
>5) there is no requirement to provide incentives for people who use
>reusable bags or any requirement that so many consumers use reusable bags
>6) there is no money for enforcement, education, etc
>7) the "store" requirement is for very large stores and doesn't
>even use CIWMB definition for stores which is based on revenues,
>etc. including more stores (we would like to include malls, 7-11,
>99cent stores, etc)
>8) it states that the manufacturer has to develop educational
>materials and make available to the store yet it doesn't make the
>store put up the materials
>9) no education of clerks, managers and other staff on the harms of
>plastic, bag packing, benefits economically and environmentally on
>using reusable bags
>We have only been successful with our smoke free beaches,
>anti-polystyrene, zero waste, etc by letting the local cities and
>counties develop grassroots movements and ordinances which work for them.
>The County of Orange is in the process of smoke free beaches and
>parks and have drafted their anti-polystyrene ordinance. It has
>taken a while but it is happening and most importantly people are
>educated and understand the bigger picture.
>office at your earliest convenience either on behalf of your own
>organization or on behalf of CAPP.
>Stephanie Barger, Executive Director
>Earth Resource Foundation
>230 E. 17th St #208
>Costa Mesa, CA 92627
>Help support Earth Resource Foundation's youth programs and
>campaigns for: smoke free beaches, plastic reduction and promotion
>of electric cars and renewable energies

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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