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[GreenYes] Paul Hawken critique of Socially Responsible Investing

At 07:19 PM 6/26/2006, Stephanie Barger wrote:
>Here is the
>they are located in Sausalito
>Here are some excerpts from the website
>Socially Responsible Investing: How the SRI industry has failed to respond to
>people who want to invest with conscience, and what can be done to change it.
>Naively or intentionally, phrases such as 'corporate social
>responsibility,' 'sustainability,' 'green business' and 'socially
>responsible investing' are being employed by corporations in ways
>that confuse consumers and diminish the work of businesses that are
>dedicated to responsible practices. SRI mutual funds, which purport
>to invest responsibly, are in fact buying shares in many companies
>that have co-opted these terms. In response to this blurring of
>meaning, NCI published a
>in 2004, and developed the first database of socially responsible
>mutual fund portfolios in North America, accessible free of charge
>to the public.
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