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[GreenYes] Re: Single stream without glass

Hi Justin ~

This sounds very innovative ! I hope that you folks can find the time to write an article for Resource Recycling magazine.

Best wishes,


PS ~ Now I double kick myself for not stopping in to see you went I was there on vacation in March. We have a newly developed single stream system here and it would have been great to learn first hand.

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>We moved to a single stream no glass system 3-4 years ago here in Santa Fe.
>However, we continue to collect glass at the curb as a second bin. Some call
>this modified single stream. This practice is fairly rare, but I think Metro
>in Portland operates this way as well. Unless you are automated at the curb,
>we have found the only real additional cost is the second bin.
>This was originally a true single stream system...and we were, and remain,
>convinced that if we completely dropped glass entirely we would find
>customers hiding glass under the single stream leaving us with the
>contamination problem we were trying to avoid in the first place!
>Feel free to contact me for more info.

>Justin Stockdale
>Buckman Road Recycling & Transfer Station
>Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
>149 Wildlife Way
>Santa Fe, NM 87506
>505-424-1850 ext 110 / 505-780-0628 cell
>Save Your Local Landfill...Recycle
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>The Las Vegas metro area is considering going to single stream and
>dropping glass collection. Omaha recently did this, and they are
>looking for other communities. If you have single stream collection
>and have eliminated glass from that collection, they would like you to
>contact them--
>Michele Voelkening
>702 222-2362 office
>702 610-4064 cell

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