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[GreenYes] looking for C&D Waste recycling survey for universities


I am wonking with a university to try and figure out how to increase their
C&D Waste recycling rate from both new building projects and renovations.
I suggested doing a survey of building project managers to see how they
have handled this on past projects and how they anticipate handling both
building material and furnishings salvage and C&D Waste recycling if the
university had a formal policy on the issue.

If anyone knows of any universities or colleges that have done such a
survey, please let m know. Contact info would be really helpful as well.

Thank you very much!

Debra Lombard, LEED AP, EIT
Sustainable Design Specialist
The RETEC Group, Inc.
900 Chapel St., 2nd Fl - Box 9
New Haven, CT 06510
Tel: 203-868-0137
Fax: 203-773-3657

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