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[GreenYes] Go Green Initiative Takes Off in Syracuse, NY City Schools

For More Information
Contact For Immediate Release
Mark Naef

Go Green Initiative
Takes Off in Syracuse City Schools

In the past three months the number of Go Green schools in the city
school district increased from 5 to 13 and become part of the nations
fastest growing and only fully comprehensive environmental education
program, namely, the Go Green Initiative.

Collectively, Go Green Initiative schools in Syracuse have recycled
over 252,000 lbs. of paper, during the 2005-2006 school year.

Go green Initiative organizers plan to have all 39 schools, within
the school district signed onto the program by the start of the
2006-2007 school year.

Upon signing up to the Go Green Initiative program schools agree to
form a "Green Team," to decide how to address the Go Green
Initiative's 5 basic guidelines.

The green team at Nottingham Central School decided to focus on
increasing recycling awareness during special events in the school
and to campaign with the board of education to get the district to
purchase recycled content paper for school use. Currently Nottingham
recycles an average of 1,600 lbs of paper on a weekly basis.

Other Go Gree Initiative schools, including Solace Elementary, Edward
Smith Elementary and Lincoln Middle School started garden
initiatives. The gardens are a wonderful learning experience for the
students who are involved with caring for the gardens every step of
the way. Students generate compost, fertilize, tend and harvest their
outdoor classrooms.

Students at HW Smith produced an "energy rap" which they recorded at
a local radio station."Energy costs too much cash... your money
disappears in a blinding flash..." Plans are to distribute the rap
throughout the city school system. You will soon be able to hear the
rap on the Naef Recycling web site

The Go Green Initiative program was recently introduced to the City
District Board of Education, who assigned the task of spreading the
Go Green Initiative program to the B.O.E.'s curriculum committee.
This is great news for the Go Green Initiative's advancement.

Upon signing on the entire district to the Go Green Initiative
program, organizers will move on to colleges, business and other

The Go Green Initiative is coming into Syracuse in a big way.
Syracuse is destined to become the first fully united GREEN city.

To sign your school/business up to the Go Green Initiative please
visit, for further information (including up to
date Go Green Initiative Syracuse news) or call Mark Naef at 315-952-1511.

>The Go Green Initiative is being promoted in NY State through
>the efforts of the NY State Association of Reduction, Reuse and
>Recycling. (NYSARRR) For recycling information for school
>administrators, teachers and students visit the NYSARRR web site at

- 30 -

GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210

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