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[GreenYes] Recycle - Make Money - Donate to your favorite cause!

Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this group and wanted to give a brief introduction...promise
not a sales pitch! More of a ... "Oh that's what you do??"

I work for an organization in New Hampshire, RecycleFirst which is a
leader in providing environmentally based fundraising programs. With
almost 3,000 customers from grammar schools to Fortune 500 companies,
RecycleFirst has generated thousands of dollars in cash for
organizations across the continental US and Canada. We offer all of our
services at NO CHARGE to your school or affilliated organization and
our web-based ordering and reporting system virtually eliminate
administrative oversight.

So basically what happens if you're interested ing etting set up is you
would register on our website and choose the type of collection you
would like bags or boxes. All the supplies and shipping costs are paid
by us. But the types of things to collect would be things like Cell
Phones, Laser cartridges, and Inkjet cartridges. I would supply you
with a list of accepted matter and the monetary value for such.

Check out our Website:

A little more info:
The FAQ section is designed to answer most if not all of your
Program Basics:

Never a charge *amazingly simple to administer*24 hour ordering online

We also sell Ink jet and laser print cartridges, ask about our customer
discount purchasing programs

The company: Celebrating five years of continued growth and commitment

Expert marketing and sales support, yours for the asking

Big enough to cover the country, small enough to care about you

Highly reliable and experienced servicing almost 6,000 recycling and
over 10,000 local, state and Federal government purchasing customers

Committed to maximizing landfill utilization and halting the spread of
toxic waste wherever and whenever possible

If you have any questions please:

E-mail me at: mcarroll@no.address * Call us at: 888.777.7359*Fax
us: 603-516-7333

Write us: 100 Main Street*Ste.210*Dover, NH*03820

Recycle for a better tomorrow......
Melanie Carroll
Recycling Program Manager

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