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[GreenYes] building a list

Greetings all,

I want to build a list of trash haulers that "get" recovery over disposal,
and are doing something about it. For example, NORCAL, the private trash
company that services San Francisco, has done significant things to help
create a "recovery infrastructure and services" there. I have a small
local trash company that has done some good stuff, even though we fight over
everything for years before they finally get on board.

I am guessing my list will be comprised of "private independent trash
haulers", as opposed to the large public companies like Waste Management
Inc. I think that the "haulers" can be important partners in our work, but
those that own landfills or incinerators will never like us, I'm sure. I
also think that the "public haulers" (the municipal service providers) are
CLEARLY allies, but I already have lists of them through SWANA.

So, if you have a candidate for my list . please email me their name,
contact information (if you have it), and also WHY are you nominating them?



Eric Lombardi

Executive Director/CEO

Eco-Cycle Inc

Boulder, CO. USA


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