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[GreenYes] Re: with $400 million, I think we could get darn close to ZW!

At 08:51 PM 6/29/2006 -0400, mgminstrell@no.address wrote:
> One "byproduct" is energy... what is another? Ash maybe? What
> can be done with this wonderful "byproduct"? How will it be
> used/disposed of? (Not how -can- it, but how -will- it? Show me
> examples of who has used it...) Won't it be awefully
> toxic. Representatives of a similar company trying to build on in
> a community many years ago couldn't answer these questions for me then...

Westinghouse (now through a spinoff; I think the old Westinghouse
Electric is basically gone) has been promoting plasma burners for
many years as the magic waste solution.

(Westinghouse also used to be in the conventional incineration
business, using a "rotary kiln made out of tubewalls"
technology. One of these is still running in Chester, PA, and I
think there may be a few others around.)

Per usual, a quick online search turns up promotional stuff but no
material/energy balances, etc. that one could try to evaluate.

Beyond doubt one can cook the hell out of a waste stream with a
plasma torch, if you are willing to spend the money to do it. But
then what? It is not going to be the magic solution to MSW, any more
than any "technology."

Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
fax (302)836-3005

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