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[GreenYes] CA cell phone and battery takeback laws start 7/1/06 -- please help make sure they're being followed

>Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 19:51:33 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Mark Murray <CAW@no.address>
>Subject: The laws are in place -- please help us make sure they're being
> followed.
>Dear Friends,
>On Saturday, July 1st, two new CAW sponsored electronic waste
>recycling laws will go into effect.
>2901 requires retailers to take-back and recycle old cell phones,
>1125 requires retailers to take-back and recycle rechargeable batteries.
>These new laws represent the first time that California retailers
>will be required to share in the responsibility for collection and
>recycling of a problem product they sell. Together, they will
>provide consumers with thousands of convenient locations for
>recycling the tens of thousands of tons of toxic batteries and used
>cell phones that are discarded or illegally dumped annually in California.
>As you will recall, these were hard fought battles to get these
>bills through the legislature and signed by the Governor. Thank you
>for all of your help. Now I'd like to ask your help to make sure the
>retailers in your community comply with our new recycling law.
>Next time you visit your electronics store that carries rechargeable
>batteries, or your nearby cell phone store, please stop in and
>politely ask where you can deposit your obsolete rechargeable
>batteries or cell phone. Then, send us an email at
><mailto:pfranklin@no.address>pfranklin@no.address and let
>us know the name of the store and how they did: did they not have a
>clue what you were talking about? Were they helpful and
>knowledgeable about the program? With this information, we can make
>sure that the state is doing what it must to make sure retailers are
>in compliance and our health and safety is protected.
>In gratitude,
>Mark Murray
>Executive Director
>P.S. We'd also greatly appreciate it if you would consider lending
>us a hand. Our partially successful but challenging work to rid our
>environment -- and the environment of developing nations where toxic
>E-Waste is often dumped -- of toxic electronic waste has left our
>funds depleted, and there is still much more to do. If you would be
>so kind as to visit our
>now page and make a small contribution -- or even a large one -- we
>at CAW would greatly appreciate it, both for the resources it will
>afford us and for your affirmation that our fight is your fight and
>is worth making.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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