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[GreenYes] Go Green Syracuse - Five City Schools Sign Onto Go Green Initiative in Two weeks

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Mark Naef
Go Green Syracuse
Five City Schools Sign Onto Go Green Initiative in Two weeks

Syracuse, NY - Five Syracuse city schools recently signed onto the
Go Green Initiative (GGI)
* Seymour Magnet School - Karen Hall 436-8938
* Solace Elementary - Carolyn Messina-Yawchzy 435-4877
* HW Smith Elementary- Sharon Birnkrant 435-4490
* Lincoln Middle-Rob DiFlorio 435-4450
* Nottingham High-Debbie Mastropolo 435-4380

and joined Ed Smith Elementary school, the first school in the city
to sign onto this national project last August.

They committed to:

* Expand their paper recycling program throughout the school and
include bottles and cans.
* Incorporating recycling education throughout their curriculum.
* Adopt national paper conservation standards

Jennifer Spoor, hired by Naef Recycling to coordinate the GGI
efforts in the city said,
"I am inspired by the excitement I have encountered upon talking with
people about the Go Green Initiatiave in Syracuse. There are so many
environmental leaders throughout the schools and in the city. These
leaders see the importance of the Go Green Initiative as a simple and
logical tool for unifying and magnifying the environmental efforts in
Syracuse and throughout New York State.

These people are setting a phenomenal example for the children who
look up to them - teaching local communities the value of
environmental conservation and stewardship. And we've only just begun!"

Ed Smith Elementary school was the first school in the county to sign
onto the national project, GGI, a grassroots environmental program
that unites parents, teachers and students to create a culture of
conservation in schools. Since Aug. - Jan. 2006 they have recycled:
* 4.2 tons of paper
* 35 pounds of plastics
* 1,637pounds of cardboard

To keep abreast on what is happening in Syracuse schools with the Go
Green Initiative visit the Naef Recycling web
site where reports from local schools
involved with this project are posted.

The Go Green Initiative is being promoted in NY State through
the efforts of the NY State Association of Reduction, Reuse and
Recycling. (NYSARRR) For recycling information for school
administrators, teachers and students visit the NYSARRR web site at

The Go Green Initiative involves students at every level and takes a
comprehensive approach to help schools evaluate every aspect of their
environmental impact. It provides schools simple checklists and tools
to examine everything from recycling to unsafe pesticides used on
playgrounds. For more information visit

- 30 -

GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210

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