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[GreenYes] Re: Interns WANTED!!!

Sorry, I almost forgot...please email resumes to me for consideration at:
christine.mccoy@no.address, or fax to my attention at:

thanks much,


Christine McCoy/Alex
04/06/2006 12:46 PM

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Interns WANTED!!!

Sorry for cross-postings!

Hello All -

Please be advised that we are looking for summer interns - unpaid
positions - but just think of the wealth of experience! ;)

Here's the job description:

The City of Alexandria, Virginia is seeking unpaid interns to
assist with the Cityâs residential and commercial recycling programs.
Interns will support the Cityâs Solid Waste Planner in recycling
activities at public events, government facilities, and schools. Interns
will also assist in business recycling workshop planning and
coordination, website development, and writing fact sheets and press
releases. Qualified applicants will be working on a bachelors or masters
degree in environmental studies, geography, or communications with a
specific interest in recycling and/or waste management. Experience with
program development and implementation, technical writing, outreach
education, and volunteer coordination is highly recommended.

Also, our recycling specialist position has opened up and will be posted
sometime in the near future. Interns would be eligible and encouraged to
apply through the competitive application process if they meet the minium
qualifications for the position.

Thanks much,

Christine McCoy

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