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[GreenYes] Rural Electronics Recycling Access

Dear Colleagues:
Many apologies for cross-postings!

I am conducting research into how rural communities are handling their
electronic wastes. Services of all kinds are growing across the country
but what I am finding in much of the rural West - places where often,
historically, citizens pay little or even nothing for waste disposal -
is that the private sector will provide collection events for a fee. Or,
there is no electronics recycling service at all and county road, land,
solid waste managers are finding illegal dumping of scrap electronics.
I am looking for best management practices and innovative services.

After looking at population density in the US*, I am looking for info on
electronics recycling collection & handling services in areas with
population densities under 70 to 100 people/square mile. I love the
East Coast and CA but this rules out all but your most rural spots.

If you know of a program (public, private, non-profit) serving rural
areas, or even one-time events, please let me know. I'm looking for
whatever you have along these lines:

* Contact information (leads you may have are welcome)
* Type of service (one-time event; done w/ HHW event; permanent
facility; co-sponsor w/ non-profit or community group; local gov't
involvement; etc.)
* How costs are handled - users pay? grants from state or other?
* Frequency of service
* Demographics if available, such as persons/sq. mil, population
density in the area.
* Is there any type of e-waste LF ban in the state?

I'm building a database on this. Findings will be presented at several
conferences coming up in May and June, and I will be glad to share my
results with those interested or who provide information.

Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
Boulder, CO
303.494.4934 vox
303.494.4880 fax

*see under the Population Finder, click on your state and
follow the link for the map, for pop. densities by county; or go to

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