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[GreenYes] Nanotechnology Sensitization Program

***************"Nano Technology Sensitization Program"***********

"According to the National Science Foundation (USA) "Nano-related
goods and services could be a $1trillion market by 2015, making it not
only one of the fastest growing industries in history but also larger
than the combined telecommunications and Information Technology
industries at the beginning of the technology boom in 1998."

NanoScience & Nanotechnology is considered as one of the hottest field.
It should come as no surprise then that along with headlines and
boatloads of government funding and investment, nanotechnology is also
grabbing the attention of employers as well as jobseekers.

Last date for joining the Program : 10th May, 2006

Nano Technology Sensitization Program .
Is 1st of its kind program , which focuses on providing wide Variety of
information for all those who are interested in exciting & rapidly
expanding field of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Globally.

Distance Learning + Nano Sensitization Kit + CD + Assignment + Internet
Based Support + NSTC

A 3 months program focuses on providing wide Variety of information
for all those who are interested in exciting & rapidly expanding field
of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Globally.

Who Should Apply:

This is a sensitization program and has no restriction ( i.e no
eligibility criteria) for joining. Anyone interested like students
pursuing under graduation/post-graduation in all disciplines are
eligible to join.
Experienced professionals, academicians and researchers are highly
advised to join.

Joining Procedure:

Those who wish to apply for "Nano Technology Sensitization program"
can download application form ( ) from

Some of the NSTC Activities and services in which you can participate

1. "NanoTrends" - A Journal of Nanotechnology and its

"NanoTrends" Journal is NSTC's online subscription-based
educational and informative online journal.
The journal covers the latest developments, research and products in
the growing area of Nano science
and Nanotechnology.

2. "NanoSpectacle" - A Monthly 10-9 Newsletter

We believe the publication of "NanoSpectacle" Newsletter will prove
to be a major milestone in fulfilling
the aims and objectives of the NSTC by keeping its clientele abreast of
current issues, developments in
the various areas of Nanotechnology.

3. NSTC Group

NSTC created its own group on named as "NSTC group" to
discuss all the Nanotechnology
related topics. You can post your views as well as contribute
information and also exchange your views
with other

NSTC joinees. Following is the home page of
>From this link you can join the group. Be the part of the group and
interact with each other.

If you have any questions, on other activities of NSTC then contact at
info@no.address .

With Best wishes and complements!

C-56A/28, Sector-62, Noida - 201 301 (U.P.), INDIA
Tel.: (+91) 0120 -2404690, 5330376, +91 09818206463
Website: E-mail: info@no.address
Nano Science and Technology Consortium

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