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[GreenYes] SARE Grants Available for Sustainable Agriculture

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Grants Available for Sustainable Agriculture

LOGAN, UT ? Applications for grants in
sustainable agriculture are now being accepted by
the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.
More than $2 million will be disbursed early next
year in this latest round of competitive grants
in the categories Research and Education,
Professional Development, Farmer/Rancher,
Professional + Producer and Graduate Student.

Requests for applications and grant deadlines are
available on the Western SARE website at, by calling (435) 797-2257
or by emailing wsare@no.address
The grants explore, develop or promote some
aspect of agricultural sustainability, which
embraces profitable farms and ranches, a healthy
environment and strong families and communities.

Western SARE, administered through Utah State
University, is one of four regions of SARE under
the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Phil
Rasmussen, regional coordinator, said that since
the program was begun in 1988, Western SARE has
distributed more than $35 million in grants to
about 900 recipients in the region.

Contacts: Phil Rasmussen, Coordinator, Western SARE, 435.797.2257
Ron Daines, Western SARE Communications Specialist, 435.755.5749
About Western SARE
Since 1988, the Sustainable Agriculture Research
and Education program has been breathing life
into agricultural profitability, environmental
integrity and community strength. As Western SARE
Regional Coordinator at the host institution,
Utah State University, I am privileged to work
with hundreds of people engaged in sustaining
Western agriculture - farmers and ranchers and
people from universities, agribusiness,
government and nonprofit organizations. Our goal
is to foster sustainability through grants that
enable cutting-edge research and education to
open windows on sustainability across the West.

Western SARE headquarters at USU recently
underwent a complete Administrative Review with
emphasis on subcontracts. The successful
completion and associated accolades marked a
fitting end to 15 years of successful grant
operations by Western SARE. We look forward to
another decade of growth and measurable outcomes in the years ahead.


SARE competitive grants fund research and
education cultivating agricultural practices that
are profitable, environmentally sound and good
for communities. <>What Is SARE?

SARE supports research and education projects
that strive for positive impacts on agriculture
and address national and regional goals.
<>SARE Goals.

Western SARE is governed by an Administrative
Council that oversees funding and develops
policies and strategies, much like a corporate
board of directors. Meet our

Sustainability in agriculture embraces all
farming and ranching - from small to large, from
narrowly focused to highly diversified. At all
times, it shuns labels that polarize or
Is Sustainable Agriculture?.

Western SARE offices are housed at the regional
host institution, Utah State University, where
most of the region's grants and program
operations are administered. The Professional
Development Program (PDP) is administered through
the University of Wyoming. Each state and Pacific
island protectorate in the region has a SARE PDP Coordinator.
Institution Staff
SARE Professional Development Staff
SARE Professional Development Coordinators
A hallmark of SARE is its collaboration with
partners from universities, agribusiness,
government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

The Western Region includes 13 states and four Pacific Island protectorates.
-- Alaska
-- Arizona
-- Colorado
-- Hawaii
-- Micronesia
-- Nevada
-- Northern Mariana Islands
-- Utah
-- Wyoming -- American Samoa
-- California
-- Guam
-- Idaho
-- Montana
-- New Mexico
-- Oregon
-- Washington
SARE is part of the U.S. Department of
Agriculture's Cooperative State Research,
Education and Extension Service (CSREES), with
funding authorized under Subtitle B of Title XVI
of the Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990.

Administered by <>National
SARE, the SARE program comprises four regions:
<>North Central.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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