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[GreenYes] Will current oil prices spur plastic and tire recycling efforts?

Plastic wastes are troublesome for companies handling scrap paper for
recycling. Efforts must be devoted to separate plastics from scrap
paper streams; in order to yield recyclable paper fiber that has good
economic value (as well as recycling operations that are economically
practical) scrap must be free of plastic contaminates.

Can plastics recycling can get a boost; through general use of plastics
only curbside recycling bins?

What about the inclusion of scrap-tire rubber? A growing number of
projects in North America are yielding scrap rubber e.g., road pavement
additives, crumb-rubber, tire-mulch, and a variety of other products.

Something as basic as cutting the sidewalls off of tires can avoid
cutting through the thread's steel-belts; hence avoiding damaging
wear on expensive cutting-knives; and making tire recycling even more
practical. Scraped tires have greatly reduced bulk, and can be readily
processed, stored and transported economically.

Can plastics and tire recycling initiatives spur environmental cleanup

Here in California, the agency "California Integrated Waste
Management Board" demonstrates rare examples of successful "public
private partnerships." California has enacted laws on computer and
electronic waste recycling; whose recycling plants have generated
interest worldwide. The plastics and glass from recycling operations
are mixed into concrete for road pavements, and crumb-rubber is also
being applied to asphalt for road pavement.

Yet, plenty of scrap plastics, and rubber are exported to Asia; where
infrastructures there allows for wide utilization of scrap materials.

How much scrap can actually go towards energy from waste objectives;
esp. with the current prices for oil?

Oil is distilled from plastics and tires at this company in China.

Japan also does-well with "waste to energy" initiatives; as they
have long lived-with limited energy resources.

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