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[GreenYes] Job Announcement: Household Pharmaceuticals Take Back Project

Job Announcement
Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation (WCRC)

Job Title: Project Manager
Project: Household Pharmaceuticals Take Back Project

Type: 20 hours/week (grant-funded position through Mid-May 2007)
Possible increase in hours pending additional grant funding.
WCRC will look for funding to continue this work beyond May 2007.

Reports to: WCRC Program Director
Salary: $20/hour (half time)

Application deadline: May 16, 2006

E-mail cover letter and resume to: suellen@no.address
Or mail to: WCRC, 2021 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121

Project Description

The improper disposal of unwanted household pharmaceuticals contributes to
the toxic contamination of Puget Sound. To prevent accidental poisonings,
consumers are often directed to flush unwanted medicines down the toilet.
>From there the pharmaceuticals pass through wastewater treatment plants and
into our streams and waterways. WCRC is working with a coalition of
governments and businesses to develop a pilot project for the safe,
convenient, and effective collection of unused household pharmaceuticals at
retail pharmacies. This has been a complex undertaking because existing
federal laws present a complicated regulatory barrier with no simple
solution. Nonetheless, kickoff of the pilot project is expected this
summer. The Project Manager will work to publicize and increase
participation in the pilot project as well as build support for a producer
responsibility approach to financing an ongoing program.

Job activities include:

? Take the lead in developing and implementing a plan to increase
participation in the pilot project for collection of household
pharmaceuticals. The plan will focus on consumers as well as institutions
that can inform their clientele and membership.
? Collaborate with the existing coalition of governments and businesses in
implementing the pilot project. In addition, coordinate with consultants,
public information officers, target audiences, and stakeholders.
? Create ?earned media? during the kickoff of the pilot and other key times.
? Develop educational materials for specific audiences.
? Make presentations to various audiences (nursing homes, physicians?
offices, governmental agencies, manufacturers, environmental groups, and the
public) to educate them about this issue and engage them in the pilot
? Develop an evaluation plan, and manage a consultant contract to create
surveys and evaluate various aspects of the pilot project.
? Layout a plan and build support for a producer responsibility approach for
financing an ongoing take-back program.
? Perform additional tasks as may be needed, e.g. research (on financing,
regulations and disposal practices), assistance with project logistics, etc.
? Assist in obtaining ongoing project funding.


We are looking for a highly motivated self-starter who can provide
leadership on this cutting-edge project and who is passionate about
environmental protection. We need someone with a combination of outreach,
advocacy, policy and project management skills.

Primary qualifications include:
? At least two years experience in outreach and advocacy
? Policy experience and interest
? Excellent communication skills and ability to interact effectively with
business, government, environmental groups and the public
? Excellent project management skills; ability to keep multiple tasks moving
? Strategic thinking
? Clear and effective writing skills
? Willingness and ability to become quickly knowledgeable about diverse and
complicated aspects of this project (environmental and human health impacts,
complex regulatory structure, pilot project logistics, etc.)
? Bachelors degree in a relevant area

Additional preferred qualifications include:
? Research skills (via internet and personal communications)
? Experience evaluating projects
? Experience with media campaigns
? Experience working for non-profits as part of a project/campaign team
? Background in recycling or hazardous waste or toxicology

About WCRC

Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation (WCRC) is a 24 year old
non-profit advocacy group working to keep Washington a leader in waste
reduction and recycling. In recent years, WCRC has focused on manufacturer
responsibility. In this approach, manufacturers are financially responsible
for providing safe and convenient recycling options for their obsolete
products, giving them a financial incentive to design products that contain
fewer toxics and are easier to recycle. WCRC played a leadership role in
the development and recent passage of landmark legislation that will provide
convenient recycling of computers and TVs for residents, schools and small
businesses throughout the state. We are also working to expand computer and
TV ?Take It Back? networks into multiple counties. Last year, with funding
from The Russell Family Foundation, WCRC initiated our household
pharmaceuticals project. A PIE grant from the Puget Sound Action Team is
allowing us to expand our work on this project. Additional grant support is
already pending, and further funding will be pursued. For more information
about WCRC, go to

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