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[GreenYes] RE: Know of any environmental fundraising ideas?

Judi & all--
It's good to look for and consider better (read environmental) fundraising
activities, but also remember that you (the buyer) holds the power. If
selling stuff (read junk) doesn't have the correct results (raising the
necessary funds), the sales will go away.

I love girl scout cookies and boy scout popcorn as much as the next person,
but I haven't bought any for close to ten years. Instead I set this

1) I must know the organization, or the child must have printed material I
can keep about the organization
2) The child must ask me themselves, in person (no forms at the office by
the parent)
3) I must know the child/parent (no cold calls at home) [this also
eliminates those mystery organizations]

If these points are fulfilled, I write a $5 check to the organization. No
waste, and 100% profit to the organization at the local level, nothing
should go to the national organization.

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