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[GreenYes] Ed Smith?s First Go Green Year Announces End of Year Recycling Totals

For More Information Contact For Immediate Release
Chelle Naef
Go Green Organizer at Daystar Recycling Corp

Ed Smith's First Go Green Year Announces
End of Year Recycling Totals

Syracuse, NY - Chelle Naef, Go Green Initiative organizer and parent
of a student at Ed Smith reports that the Go Green program "got off
to a great start in increasing recycling awareness in staff and
students." In our first year (Aug. 21. 2005 - Jan. 1, 2006) staff
and students recycled:

* 4.2 tons of paper
* 35 pounds of plastics
* 1,637pounds of cardboard

Tony Tolbert, Principal at Ed Smith is a big supporter of the Go
Green Initiative. "When I see the excitement on the faces of two
fifth graders demonstrating to me how our compost globe works, I know
that we have chosen an important initiative to follow. Watching
groups of sixth grade students dutifully collect recyclable materials
on a weekly basis is yet another example of setting the stage for the
future. And staff and parent ownership of various tasks and
responsibilities associated with Go GREEN tells me that Edward Smith
is in the right place at the right time to carry out this initiative."

Recycling bins, provided by OCRRA were placed in each classroom
and in the hallways near drinking fountains. This aids in proper
sorting and the contents of bottles and cans can be emptied before
recycling them. The bottles and cans are washed by student volunteers
and some of the custodial staff.

Local farmers gave presentations at 3 of the five classrooms involved
with composting. Compost generated will be used in the Spring in the
Morning Side garden plot. The composting and community garden
component of the Go Green Initiative is organized by parent Kris
Venne of the Syracuse Real Food Co-op and local farmers.

Mark Naef from Naef Recycling gave 'how to recycle properly'
demonstrations to the Student
Council, Mrs. Brennan's 5th grade and Mr. Dinkin's 6th grade classes
which went very well. At the end of the demonstration the class did a
garbage dumping to see how much recycled material makes it into the
garbage instead of the recycling bin and they found that about half
of the garbage was recyclable material.

The PTO is currently collecting toner cartridges for a 'trash for
cash' program and the Student Council is collecting returnable bottles.

Syracuse is one of 84 cities to sign the Urban Environmental Accords.
"One of the goals is to "implement user friendly recycling and
composting programs," says Chelle Naef. "The Go Green program is a
step in that direction. We plan to have all city schools sign up."

The Go Green Initiative is being promoted in NY State through
the efforts of the NY State Association of Reduction, Reuse and
Recycling. (NYSARRR) For recycling information for school
administrators, teachers and students visit the NYSARRR web site at

To keep abreast on what is happening in Syracuse schools with the Go
Green Initiative visit the Naef Recycling web
site where reports from local schools
involved with this project are posted.

The Go Green Initiative involves students at every level and takes a
comprehensive approach to help schools evaluate every aspect of their
environmental impact. It provides schools simple checklists and tools
to examine everything from recycling to unsafe pesticides used on
playgrounds. For more information visit

- 30 -

GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210

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