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Am in the midst of a debate which will determine the fate of CESQG's in New
Mexico. As many of you know RCRA allows CESQG's to dispose of hazardous
waste in conventional Subtitle D landfills. Some states have chosen to
exceed RCRA and have banned CESQG's from landfills. New Mexico at the moment
follows the feds.and allows CESQG's to dump in landfills, but is considering
a ban as it rewrites its Solid Waste Regulations.

I am on the side of the ban.and insist that proper disposal is a cost of
business, and not a regulatory burden. The other side says by banning them
we will drive the material into illegal dumpsites across the country side..

I am certain the 26 or so states that have CESQG bans have been through this
argument and am curious to know what arguments have been the most effective
in enacting bans.

Thanks for the help

Justin Stockdale

Buckman Road Recycling & Transfer Station

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency

149 Wildlife Way

Santa Fe, NM 87506

505-424-1850 ext 110 / 505-780-0628 cell

Save Your Local Landfill...Recycle

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