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[GreenYes] Daystar Recycling , Naef Recycling & Solvay Paperboard Announce Their Support for School City Wide ?Go Green? Efforts

Gary - FYI
For More Information Contact For Immediate Release
Mark Naef

Daystar Recycling , Naef Recycling & Solvay Paperboard
Announce Their Support for School City Wide "Go Green" Efforts

Syracuse, NY - The Go Green Initiative (GGI) - a grassroots
environmental program that unites parents, teachers and students to
create a culture of conservation in schools started in Syracuse when
Ed Smith Elementary School became the first school to sign up in New
York State.

"Interest in this project is growing," says, Mark Naef, CEO of Naef
Recycling. "At a time when there is growing interest in energy
conservation from city officials and non fossil fuel energy such as
wind power by consumers renewed interest in recycling makes perfect sense."

There are approximately 39 schools in the city. To help spread the
"Go Green" message Daystar Recycling and Solvay paperboard are
joining forces with Naef Recycling to contribute financial and
technical support to city schools. They hope to get the whole
Syracuse city school district on board by Earth Day, April 22 as well
as attract more sponsors to the project.

Daystar organizer, Chelle Naef who helped start the program in
Syracuse at Ed Smith said, "Daystar will devote a minimum of 8 hours
a week and contribute $1000 toward the GGI program. This will help
cover printing costs and other needs to help get schools on board
with this dynamic program. Daystar Recycling Corp. is committed to
the GGI and to helping create a more environmentally sound community
for our children and their families in Syracuse and NYS."

Solvay Paperboard will donate 8 hours a week plus buy tee shirts for
participating schools and help secure additional sponsorships.

Naef Recycling will donate time of its CEO to help organize the
project and the services of an organizer, Jennifer Spoor hired by
Naef Recycling for 16 hours a week to coordinate the Go Green efforts
in the city and will fully sponsor the first 5 schools to sign up.

The Go Green Initiative is being promoted in NY State through
the efforts of the NY State Association of Reduction, Reuse and
Recycling. (NYSARRR) For recycling information for school
administrators, teachers and students visit the NYSARRR web site at

To keep abreast on what is happening in Syracuse schools with the Go
Green Initiative visit the Naef Recycling web
site where reports from local schools
involved with this project are posted.

The Go Green Initiative involves students at every level and takes a
comprehensive approach to help schools evaluate every aspect of their
environmental impact. It provides schools simple checklists and tools
to examine everything from recycling to unsafe pesticides used on
playgrounds. For more information visit

- 30 -

GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210

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