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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Workshop for Marin County 18 April 2006 (6:30 - 9 pm)

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>From: Marin County Subscriptions [mailto:CAMARIN@no.address]
>Sent: 03/24/2006 8:48 AM
>Subject: Marin County District 3 Newsletter
>March 2006 Newsletter
>Supervisor Charles McGlashan
>County of Marin
>District 3, Southern Marin
>Workshop ? "Counting Down to Zero Waste", 4/18/06 in the Board Room
>The European Union has begun to pass product
>"take-back" laws that require manufacturers to
>be responsible for the disposal or reuse of
>products and packaging at the end of the
>product's useful life. Companies that do
>business in Europe may find their profits
>reduced if their products and packaging are not
>designed for efficient recovery and reuse or, at
>a minimum, recycling. As a result of this type
>of forward-thinking legislation in Europe,
>coupled with a growing solid waste problem (70%
>of solid waste in the U.S. is now product
>waste), momentum is building around the issue of
>product responsibility and in creating visions for "Zero Waste" societies.
>Not surprisingly, these "Zero Waste " ideas are
>gaining traction here in California. Several
>municipalities in the Bay Area have passed, or
>are poised to pass, Zero Waste resolutions and
>restrictions on the use of plastic bags and
>Styrofoam. There are also discussions underway
>among a number of Bay area municipalities about
>coordinating activities to support state wide
>Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
>legislation in California. In signing the World
>Environment Day Accords in February, Marin
>County has already committed to a Zero Waste target by 2040.
>While Marin County leads the State in diversion
>of waste from landfills (at a respectable 77%
>over 1990 levels), it is imperative that we stay
>on the leading edge by exploring this next frontier in waste management.
>Toward that end, please join us on Tuesday
>evening, 4/18/06, 6:30-9:00PM in the Board of
>Supervisors' Chambers in the Civic Center for an
>informative seminar on Zero Waste issues and
>strategies. The CA Integrated Waste Management
>Board is now reviewing a proposal to expand
>Marin's Redwood Landfill, so these conversations will be timely.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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