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[GreenYes] Zero waste at subaru

I wrote to subaru re: their efforts in cleaner cars, and got this response.
I found their comment about meeting zero landfill status interesting
(although they include incineration in their definition of zero waste):

Dear Ms. Perlmutter:

Thank you for visiting the Subaru Web site and for your inquiry regarding
our plans for a hybrid vehicle.

As you may already know, Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), our manufacturer, is
currently developing alternative fuel engines for future environmental
measures, focusing on a compact and mid-sized vehicle and aiming to
commercialize it within the next few years.

Lower fuel consumption and higher emissions standards are the goals of all
current and future vehicles. Subaru is addressing the need for cleaner
vehicle emissions today with PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) models.
PZEV vehicles meet California's SULEV (Super-Ultra-Low-Emissions Vehicle)
standard. The SULEV standard is 90-percent cleaner than the average 2003
model year vehicle. These vehicles have tight pollution controls and the
burning of fuel is complete without sacrificing performance. These vehicles
can be purchased in any State in the U.S.

Not only does Fuji Heavy Industries recognize the importance of hybrid
technology, they realize that clean air is just one component of a clean
environment. You might be interested to know that the Subaru of Indiana
Automotive (SIA) plant in Lafayette, Indiana has worked hard to attain 'zero
landfill' status. In doing so, it has become the first auto-manufacturing
plant in the country to recycle or re-use all of the waste that it

The paint sludge that had previously been thrown away is now dried to a
powder and shipped to a plastics manufacturer, which uses it in parking lot
bumpers and guardrails. Even the plantâs burned-out fluorescent light tubes
are ground up and sent to a company that uses the glass in reflective
striping for highways. The small amount of waste that the plant generates is
sent to an incinerator where it helps to produce steam used to heat some of
Indianapolis' downtown buildings. There are plans in the works to reduce
even this minor amount of refuse.

In the meantime, you may want to consider that many of our Subaru vehicles
are competitive in fuel economy to some of our hybrid competitors. For
example, Subaru Forester vs. Ford Escape Hybrid. They are both small SUVs
that differ by only 2 miles per gallon, however, the Forester comes in at
over $2,700 less than the Escape Hybrid front-wheel drive. It would take you
over eight years of driving the Escape to make up for the price difference.
Hybrids save gas, but do not necessarily save you money.

We appreciate that you took the time to inquire about our vehicles. We hope
that this information gives you more insight about our hybrid and our
environmental efforts. Please feel free to re-contact us in the future for
updated information.


Samir Hasan
Subaru of America, Inc.
Customer/Dealer Services Department

I own a 1995 subaru legacy wagon which I absolutely love. But it is time to
start thinking about buying a new car. One of my big criteria is how the
vehicle impacts the environment.

I know that Subaru is planning to come out with a hybrid in 2008, but I am
not sure my car will last that long. I am interested in knowing a) if your
California cars meet stricter emission requirements than those found in
other states and, if so b) is there a way to get a car that meets CA
standards in MA. and c) are there any technologies subaru has or is working
on, that will be available in the very near future, that i should be aware

In looking at this website
ce-vehicle-greenhouse-gases.html) I see Subaru is not listed as having
greenhouse gas emission savings technologies-- I'm curious why this is and
if this is going to change.

As I said, I love my subaru and hope to get another. But I also want a car
that is less harmful to the environment. I know loads of subaru owners who
feel the same way.

Please let me know what environmental technologies you have now, or will
have within a year, that could make me feel good about buying a new subaru.

Thank you.

First name: Amy
Last name: Perlmutter

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