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[GreenYes] Re: Fwd: Disposable Chopsticks Reduction

On Wednesday, Jan 4, 2006, at 11:54 US/Pacific, Gary Liss wrote:
From: Leah Stokes <leah.stokes@no.address>
I am planning to undertake a community-based project with businesses,
namely Asian restaurants, to attempt to convert them from disposable to
reusable chopsticks. Disposable chopsticks are often referred to as
'waribashi', which is the Japanese term.

Personally I've seen three types.. plastic, natural:wood/'bamboo', and metal.

I've seen metal chopsticks used in korean restaurants, I've never seen them used elsewhere.

Most of the time I see (and prefer) the natural chopsticks.
and then there are plastic chopstics..

For the record, I live in the east coast in Philadelphia,PA and rarely if ever see plastic chopsticks used in restaurants.

Personally I hate plastic chopsticks. From a user's perspective, I find them difficult to use. Holding food with them is difficut as they are 'slippery' -- too slick/smooth. If you try to encourage more restaurants to use non-disposable methods, please keep that in mind.

Either way it's still the old debate of biodegradable renewable resources vs. hot water and detergents for cleaning reusables.

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