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[GreenYes] Re: New EU Waste Reduction and Recycling Strategy

Reading quickly through the FAQ on the website John Reindl sent, I have the impression that this is quite a reactionary document. For instance, look at the following statement on used oil:

13) Why is the priority given to regeneration of waste oils being repealed?

New scientific information shows that regeneration of waste oils (cleaning them to use again) and their use as fuel have comparable environmental impacts, i.e. both processes substantially reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. There is therefore no justification for maintaining the legal priority for regeneration of waste oil laid down in the Waste Oils Directive. Member States can maintain the priority nationally if they wish to do so but will no longer be under an EU obligation to do so.

Statistics and scientific information show that collection of waste oils has not yet achieved its full potential. This indicates that uncontrolled and polluting waste oil disposal still takes place in the EU. This is why the Commission proposes to focus future efforts on improving the collection of waste oils rather than on favouring a particular recovery technique. This focus is made clear through the insertion of the collection obligation in the Waste Framework Directive.


At 07:52 AM 1/9/2006, Reindl, John wrote:

For those interested in looking at what Europe is proposing, the new draft strategy for waste reduction and recycling is on the Internet at

Proposed on December 21st, the strategy is closely tied to the EU's proposed strategy for sustainable natural resource use, also released on the same day.

John Reindl
Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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