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[GreenYes] CA Task Force needed to Explore Zero Waste Fee Proposal

CRRA Members:

I've just proposed to the CRRA Board that they call upon the Governor's Office to establish a Task Force or Committee to explore the proposal I just made for a Zero Waste Fee to be enacted to help fund Zero Waste initiatives in California. If you are interested in helping to get such a Task Force going, please let CRRA President Alec Cooley know of your interest (anc1@no.address) and cc: me.

If the Governor's Office does not want to set up such a Task Force, it would be great if a Task Force, Committee or public process could be set up by Cal/EPA, CIWMB, or CRRA to develop a broader-based proposal that would make sense.

Thanks for your interest in making California a truly Zero Waste state!


Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 09:16:23 -0800
To: anc1@no.address, rhollis@no.address, spoonhour@no.address, ricanthony@no.address, scollins@no.address, toddh@no.address, bworrell@no.address, juliem@no.address, llukacs@no.address
From: Gary Liss <gary@no.address>
Subject: CRRA Board call 1/17 - agenda submittal
Cc: gary@no.address


Here's my request of CRRA that we discussed. I'm heading out of town to help my dad recover from his 6th heart surgery in 7 weeks in 1 hour.


CRRA Board Agenda Submittal Form

Submitted By: Gary Liss
1. Issue: Governor's Strategic Growth Plan and Zero Waste by 2025
2. Status: I just circulated a proposal that the state adopt a $20-40/ton Zero Waste Fee on landfills. Half of the revenues to fund ZW initiatives. Half of the revenues to help with local match on state bonds, proportionate to the amount of reused, recycled or composted materials used in bond projects.

3. Background: In Europe over the past 10 years, they have adopted fees of $20-40/ton to help fund recycling and decrease greenhouse gases. We're working in the UK now where they have a $40/ton fee, and it has been amazing to me how effective that has been in changing the economics of Zero Waste and RR Parks there. San Jose already has over $19 in fees and taxes on landfilling, and they are a diversion leader. It's time that we put some real resources behind Zero Waste.

4. Recommended Action: I request that CRRA either: 1) endorse the proposal that I made to the Governor; or 2) support a modified proposal along these lines. Whichever direction is taken on that, I request that CRRA ask the Governor's office or the CIWMB to convene a special Task Force or Committee to review this proposal that would include a broad cross-section of interests in Zero Waste throughout California, to report back with recommendations to the Governor within a month. Some suggested groups are listed below. CRRA should expand upon that list to suggest to the Governor's office.

5. Financial Impact: This would have a major financial impact on California's Zero Waste initiatives and enable everyone in the state to embrace that goal (except maybe landfill operators that don't want to eliminate waste).

Potential Task Force members
scollins@no.address (Susan Collins)
ricanthony@no.address (Rick Anthony)
murray@no.address (Mark Murray, CAW)
gpetersen@no.address (Gary Petersen, CIWMB)
martin@no.address (Martin Bourque, Berkeley Ecology Center)
mwilson@no.address (Monica Wilson, GAIA)
aleonard@no.address (Ann Leonard, GAIA
drore@no.address (Dan Knapp, Urban Ore)
recyclmoore@no.address (John Moore)
david.assmann@no.address (David Assmann, San Francisco)
tpadia@no.address (Tom Padia,
modemo@no.address (John Davis)
Steve Lautze, Recycling Market Development Zone Administrators Assn.
mrdarrylyoung@no.address (Darryl Young)
magavern@no.address (Bill Magavern, Sierra Club)
bill@no.address (Bill Sheehan, Product Policy Institute)
anderson@no.address (Peter Anderson, Recycleworlds Consulting)
Evan Edgar (CA Refuse Removal Council)
Yvonne Hunter (League of CA Cities)
Matt Cotton (Integrated Waste Management Consulting)
Alec Cooley
Solid Waste Reduction Manager
Humboldt State University
Arcata, Ca 95521

Phone: 707 826 5920
Fax: 707 826 5888

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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